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Our firm has years of expertise in providing perfect solutions in the areas of home maintenance, renovation, and repairs. We’re also specializes in problem management and equipped to handle projects of all sizes and complexities for our clients in NY City.

With our deep familiarity and knowledge of New York City, we helps clients utilize the city’s amazing and top rated services

Unlike ordinary property managers or simple assistant, ViVODOMi acts as an extension of the customer’s to manage their projects in NY. we solve the most complex problems that clients face on a day to day basis.

The staff and vendors we use are well-vetted and licensed, and have been associate with us for years. They are chosen after carrying out detailed and meticulous checks.

We can easily adapts to the evolving needs of our customers and we promise to deliver solutions that not only match but exceed your expectations on a consistent basis.

in New York on your behalf

in New York on your behalf™



I call ViVODOMi my New York City hands! I live about two hours outside of New York City, and there are things that I want to get from New York, but the stores don’t ship. I was fortunate to find ViVODOMi, and I have had them pick things up from various stores in the city, some of which are quite delicate, requiring wrapping, ice, and overnight delivery. It is a service I have thoroughly enjoyed and benefited from. I would highly recommend ViVODOMi for any type of concierge service

V.B. | Medical Doctor

ViVODOMi provided excellent “white glove” service relocating my son from NYC to Washington DC, packing up his belongings, clothing and other items from his year-long stay in NYC. They transported the items to DC and organized them in the DC apartment without him needing to be present. This all happened on what is arguably the most difficult travel day of the year in DC — Inauguration Day. They did an excellent job, and I would not hesitate to recommend ViVODOMi's services.

M.B. | Executive

ViVODOMi, what a fantastic concierge services firm! They are professional, resourceful, and keep my house running in perfect order. They are easy and fun to work with, and free up my time by shopping, running errands, arranging repairs, and doing other life tasks, all so I can spend my time on what’s truly important to me.  I’d be lost without them.

P.C. | Philanthropist & Busy Traveling Professional

ViVODOMi is amazing – they are organized, thoughtful, proactive, and take great pride in helping their clients. I could not be more satisfied with their services.

L.T. | Entrepreneur & Investor

The ViVODOMi team is attentive, professional, flexible, and easy to work with. They are quick to respond to requests, and there is no task they haven’t been able to complete. They know the right questions to ask and deliver top notch service. Although we’d like to keep them all to ourselves, I highly recommend ViVODOMi to any one looking for concierge services.

L.H. | Daughter of Client

Hire ViVODOMi! You will gain so much time back each week. This is so precious, free time to spend with my family and experience the real stuff--not the chores of living... Why didn't I call them earlier?

V.S. | Entrepreneur