5 Ways to Help Elderly Loved Ones Maintain Independence

June 01, 2020

NYC Concierge

More than 90% of older adults say they’d prefer to “age in place”—to continue living at home, versus moving into a senior facility or community. As this trend grows, more and more seniors and their loved ones are searching for ways to facilitate this desire—to help aging adults maintain their independence while still ensuring their safety, security and peace of mind. Because, when they do, the benefits are clear-cut and significant—there’s greater inherent comfort, familiarity and a more positive mentality because seniors are in their home on their terms. 

The question, then? How do you best support your aging loved ones if they make the decision to age in place? And how do you help make their existing spaces safer and more secure, so they can enjoy their later years exactly where they want to be: home. 

#1. Get it delivered

One of the simplest strategies? Opt for delivery services. Thanks to online shopping and more customer-focused local brands, virtually anything from meals to groceries to medications to pet and home supplies can be delivered directly to your loved one’s door. Cutting out the headache and hassle of going to and from the store, the grocer or the pharmacy can save your friend or relative significant time, while helping maintain their independence even if they’ve stopped driving. 

#2. Hire help 

Whether it’s a weekly cleaning service, daily home health aide or nurse, companion or, simply, a dog walker, don’t be afraid to outsource basic daily or weekly tasks. Often plenty of low-cost, high-value options exist, taking the stress off of your and your loved one. Sites like Care.com are good go-tos for finding and engaging top talent in your community. 

#3. Integrate stay-safe technology

With the boom in home automation, security and technology, it’s easier than ever to ensure your loved one’s safety, even if you aren’t right there. By adding simple features like remote-door locking, light controls and climate control, you can quickly and easily keep tabs on their environment from anywhere. Added features like indoor or outdoor video monitoring, remote-accessed smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, alarm systems and personal emergency response systems (PERS) are also good go-tos to ensure your loved one is safe and protected at all times. 

#4. Keep a schedule

Even though retirement should be a relaxing time, it’s also important that your loved one maintain some sort of schedule, even if it’s a weekly book club, ongoing get-together with friends or, simply, time spent on a hobby or favorite activity. Localized sites like Meetup.com can help you find groups or activities for seniors. 

Want more? Search for senior or special interest groups on Facebook, check neighborhood sites and social pages, or call your local library, senior center, area college or parks and recreation office. Often they have targeted activities or, at the very least, can point you in the right direction. 

#5. Opt for a personal assistant or concierge services

Need a little help with all of it? Consider expert personal assistant services in NYC or personal concierge services in NYC. Tapping a sought-after service like Elite Custom Concierge will ensure your loved one is connected with a hands-on helper, ready to assist them with anything and everything from errand-running to grocery shopping to pharmacy pickups, bank runs, travel coordination and countless other personal tasks. Not sure which suits your loved one? Check out our post on the difference between personal assistant services in NYC and personal concierge services in NYC, then contact us to schedule a preliminary consultation and determine next steps. 

Our personal assistants and concierges have worked with countless seniors and, even, bedridden clients, and are experts at fulfilling and anticipating their unique needs. With an eye on helping their clients age in place, our assistants and concierges can ensure your friend or relative has what they need when, where and how they need it. 

As always, our goal is to put you and your loved ones first, and to prioritize your inner circle and their well-being above all else. These expert services are just another example of the ways our personal assistant services in NYC and concierge services in NYC drive that connect, efficiency and sense of well-being—wellbeing you and your loved ones deserve. 

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