How to Select a trusted assistant and or concierge in NYC

February 07, 2020


5 Simple Steps to Choosing the Right Assistant or Concierge 

Too often, people put off hiring an assistant or concierge because, simply, they don’t know where to start. Maybe they were burned by a bad hire or placement in the past, or maybe this is their first attempt at bringing someone on board. Either way, the process stalls or, worse, the wrong person gets tapped for the job—and, in both cases, headaches and hassles ensue. 

The solution? Focus on these five simple steps to identifying, vetting and, ultimately, hiring a committed, trustworthy and results-oriented assistant or concierge. 

#1. Start with the right foundation

If you’re looking in the wrong place, chances are you’ll find the wrong people. Whether you’re posting to job boards, asking for personal referrals or opting to enlist ViVODOMi personal concierge services in NYC or personal assistant services in NYC, it’s essential to anchor your search with the right foundation—and, often, that foundation is a bit more niche. While sometimes quantity is a plus, when you’re hiring for such a personal position quality comes first. 

#2. Understand YOUR needs

No two people—and no two positions—are the same. To avoid any confusion or missteps, it’s important to understand and clearly articulate what your wants, needs and goals are before diving into the screening and hiring process (see the differences between a personal assistant and a personal concierge here). Take some time to think it through, then jot down the specific needs of the job as well as the hard skills—tactical skills like bookkeeping or driving—as well as soft skills and behavior traits you want your new hire to possess. 

These notes will be critical to both marketing your position and assessing candidates—you’ll have tangible benchmarks to consider while ensuring each prospective hire goes through the same series of checks. Don’t be afraid to aim high with your list—our ViVODOMi team can take those “wish lists” and, from there, identify, engage and secure the right assistant or concierge. It’s a highly efficient, completely turnkey process that’s helped countless clients find and hire the support they need when they need it. 

#3. Ask the right questions 

Once you’ve screened initial resumes from your search, the next step is the interview process. Here, be professional and be consistent—as you’re evaluating candidates, it’s important to listen to your gut but, at the same time, put each potential hire through the same series of questions and tasks. This will help you benchmark interviewees and best determine the right fit for you. 

At this stage, you’ll have your task list as well as your desired hard and soft skills. Additionally, you’ll want to prepare a list of interview questions to help you better engage and understand prospects. Our expert team recommends asking:

  • What are your immediate goals? Where do you see yourself in 12 months? Five years? Ten years? 
  • How do you see these current and future goals aligning with this job? 
  • What skills would you hope to gain from this position? 
  • Tell me about a previous position or experience that you feel prepared you for this job? 
  • Can you share three references from a previous job? 

At this point, your goal is to assess what makes this person tick, and if your position will make them happy—and productive. The best assistants and concierges are truly satisfied to serve, and that service aligns with their goals and innate personalities. See what you can unearth with these questions while, at the same time, getting to the heart of their experience and insights. 

#4. Think about personality 

While this is a job, it’s also a very personal job and having someone on-hand with the right personality makes a big difference. Once you’ve dug into their goals, ambitions and work experience, spend some time focusing on their personality. Ask…

    • What do you do in your spare time? 
    • Do you have any hobbies or special interests? 
    • What do you consider your passion? 
  • What do you think your references will tell me about you?

  • Again, listen to your gut here—the candidate doesn’t have to be you, but it’s good to find someone whose personality and passions are in-step or, even, complement yours. You’re going to be spending a lot of time together and will, done right, will wind up with an assistant or concierge who’s always one step ahead of your wants and needs. Getting to that place is much easier if it’s a good personality fit. 

    #5. Choose the right fit for YOU 

    At the end of the day, the assistant and concierge hiring process comes down to one thing: YOU. A candidate can have tremendous experience and sterling references, but if they don’t fit with your personality or lifestyle, it’s probably not the right fit. Keep that in mind during the process—skills can be taught, but many traits, qualities, and quirks can’t be turned up or down. 

    That notion is central to Vivodomi personal assistant services in NYC and personal concierge services in NYC. Our approach is designed to connect high-net-worth individuals to the right assistants and concierges to meet—and exceed—their needs. 

    Our goal is, always, to find your perfect fit—not just the most experienced candidate or the candidate with the longest list of credentials. That’s why we leverage a fully customized process from start to finish, all underscored by our desire to deliver quality results so you and your family can go on living your lives, with a skilled, passionate and trustworthy assistant or concierge helping you move forward.  Click here to learn more and to discover the VivoDomi difference now. 

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