Instances Where You Need Not Listen To A House Manager

May 15, 2020

Tackling a home or apartment remodeling project puts into focus the importance of working with the pros. While maintaining a healthy relationship is essential for the success of the project, there are times you have to take the lead. Not listening to the professionals can make sense in certain situations, though there are better strategies to make the project go smoother.

House Manager

The Contractor Won’t Do Research for You

Your contractor may already have too much on his/her plate, which is why your special requests related to your project may not be researched thoroughly by the pros. Time constraints will force them to focus on what is important and what is on the timeline. To ensure a smoother job flow, do the research yourself. You have to figure out where to source the product you badly need and obtain the instructions on how to install it.


The Contractor Isn’t a Psychic

Your renovation project could go awry if you and the contractor are not on the same page. The pros may boast about their products and services, but if they are not aware of what you truly want, they may end up not satisfying your vision. To avoid this, get prepared before meeting the contractor. Collect the design concepts and ideas you like, including images you obtained from sites like Houzz and Pinterest. Consider how often you want to communicate with the pros.

The Contractor May Not Have All the Required Skills

Sometimes, you have to make a distinction between contractors who are good at designing and contractors who are good at building. With that in mind, you should figure out if you need either one or a firm that does both. If you are tackling a massive remodel, you need a contractor that can perform big jobs that require design and multiple trade coordination skills.

VivoDomi Lifestyle project Manager is one such example of a local renovation management firm. Our all-in-one service adds up to a streamlined, cost-effective, time-saving process, with our skilled team members collaborating to offer you the most efficient project execution. Whether it is a home or apartment renovation, expect our pros to understand and realize the vision you have for your space.

Call (917) 444-5230 or fill out our contact form to request a free consultation. We are NYC pros offering services to homeowners in New York.

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