Renovating A Pied a Terre Apartment

March 13, 2020

Brownstone rowhouses are as much an icon of New York City as the Statue of Liberty. There’s a certain nostalgia-inducing appeal to these structures and sale and rent prices for brownstone properties are evidence of just how much these old buildings remain in demand. Its beauty, however, is greatly hindered by its age. The older the structure is, the more it needs some modern renovation to make sure it keeps up with the times.

Lifestyle Manager 

Renovating brownstone homes present a unique set of challenges. VivoDomi Lifestyle Project Managers Understand these obstacles and can help make the process less frustrating and more rewarding. Here are a few brownstone remodeling pointers from our expert  Lifestyle Project Managers at VivoDomi.

The Inner Workings

There’s a high likelihood that the infrastructure of a brownstone building is defunct. Any successful apartment renovation, particularly those that deal with historic structures, should never neglect to take a look at the building’s infrastructure. This means getting rid of the old plumbing pipes that are likely to be rusted, clogged, and completely unusable. Cloth wiring should also be replaced as this no longer complies with current fire safety codes. You’ll probably need to rewire the entire electrical system anyway to ensure that your home can handle the needs of modern appliances.

Doing Your Due Diligence

Brownstone buildings listed as historical structures need to get past an awful lot of bureaucratic red tape before they can be renovated. Do not neglect to secure all the necessary permits you need from the Department of Buildings before you commission an architect for plans. There’s nothing worse than having agents come in with a stop-order while you’re in the middle of construction just because you missed some necessary paperwork.

Choose the Right Professionals

It’s not enough to choose any design/build firm to manage your apartment remodeling. You also have to choose professionals that know their way around working with brownstone buildings. They can help you figure out the right course of action to get an old building ready for the modern world.

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