Understanding the Differences Between a Concierge and an Assistant—and Which YOU Need

February 07, 2020


While, often, people use the terms “assistant” and “concierge” interchangeability, there are critical differences between these roles—and critical differences between the professionals who fill them. Very simply, a “personal concierge” oversees key aspects of lifestyle management for their client or clients. Depending on needs and commitment, a concierge can work with a single client or, more often, with several, providing ongoing and one-off lifestyle support. 

On the flip side, a “personal assistant” works one-on-one with their client or clients, supporting a host of daily or otherwise ongoing responsibilities. Again, the client’s individual needs and goals ultimately dictate an assistant’s responsibilities, and whether they’re strictly business-related, personal or a mix of both.  

So the big question: how do you determine if you need personal concierge services in NYC or personal assistant services in NYC? Ultimately, it comes down to your expectations of your hire and their time—specifically, how much time and what kind of support you want and need. Ask yourself…

Do I need someone (potentially…) available 24/7? Or at least 30 to 40 hours per week? 

If so, a personal assistant is the way to go. These dedicated doers will provide the support and commitment you, your family and your business need, often around the clock. For many, this is critical to their and their family’s success and well-being—you’ll always have someone on-hand to manage against the inevitable, while keeping schedules managed and daily tasks coordinated and completed. 

Are your tasks more errand- and chore-based—tasks you and your family, simply, don’t have the time, bandwidth or knowledge to take on? 

If you don’t need someone full-time but, simply, need help managing household tasks, consider a personal concierge. Concierges often have a few clients and commit to each for one-off days or a set number of hours each week or month. During that time, personal concierges tend to focus on errands or tasks like organizing a closet, waiting for service providers, picking up dry cleaning or preparing for an upcoming trip. Tasks can vary or can be consistent commitments—it’s up to you. However, in most cases these tasks aren’t administrative or business-related. 

That said, a personal assistant can also take on many—if not all—of these tasks and errands, including admin duties. If you need this plus—again, daily or around-the-clock assistance—opt for a personal assistant. 
Do I need a mix of professional and personal support? 

Whether it’s managing your business and household schedule, coordinating work travel and family vacations or, simply, having someone invested in all aspects of your life, a personal assistant is, likely, the way to go. A personal assistant can help with heavy lifting whenever, wherever and however it emerges. If you need support and that support can change overnight—or, already, tends to blur the line between personal and professional tasks—then you need a personal assistant.

Do I want someone to help manage my schedule? 

If so, then a personal assistant is, likely, a better fit. Personal assistants often manage a client’s calendar, for work, personal and household commitments. Because a personal assistant tends to have access to all sides of a client’s life, it’s easy to help manage everything and ensure you’re always where you’re supposed to be, prepared and on-time.

Will my family/kids need support? 

It’s not uncommon for a personal assistant to pick up kids from school or activities, shuttle spouses or make runs to and from the airport for their client or members of their client’s family. If transportation tops your list, then a personal assistant is likely the better choice. Same goes for other very personal family matters—occasional help with homework, for example, or filling in for a last-minute childcare or assisting with an elderly parent is a common request for personal assistants.

Finding your next hire
If you’re still not sure which support approach makes sense, get in touch to review New York City Personal Concierge and New York Concierge à la carte. Our expert team at ViVODOMi has a comprehensive network of sought-after personal concierges and personal residence concierges, all vetted, experienced and ready to get started. No matter your needs or goals, we’ll connect you with the New York City Personal Concierge and New York Concierge à la carte you and your family needs, customizing the entire process and providing high-quality candidates who sync with your lifestyle and goals—and, from there, can provide the expert-level support you need to be more efficient, more productive and more successful. 

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