6 Tips for Better Time Management

July 01, 2020

We get it—managing your day-to-day is hard. With the seemingly endless commitments tied to everything from managing your career and professional responsibilities to managing your home, your family and the extracurriculars and obligations that follow, it’s hard to navigate the 24/7 efficiently and effectively. The end result? Stress, anxiety and a constant feeling of, simply, being behind, all the direct result of a mounting to-do list that never seems to get shorter.

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How To Stay Sane During A Townhouse Renovation

June 19, 2020

It’s hard not to get exhausted during a brownstone renovation, but it’ll all be worth it in the end—you just have to get through the hectic renovations. The apartment renovation Lifestyle project Manager experts at VivoDomi share some tips on how you can maintain your sanity through it all. 

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The CORE S’s Of A Pied-A-Terre Successful Remodel

June 12, 2020

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5 Ways to Help Elderly Loved Ones Maintain Independence

June 01, 2020

More than 90% of older adults say they’d prefer to “age in place”—to continue living at home, versus moving into a senior facility or community. As this trend grows, more and more seniors and their loved ones are searching for ways to facilitate this desire—to help aging adults maintain their independence while still ensuring their safety, security and peace of mind. Because, when they do, the benefits are clear-cut and significant—there’s greater inherent comfort, familiarity and a more positive mentality because seniors are in their home on their terms

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Instances Where You Need Not Listen To A House Manager

May 15, 2020

Tackling a home or apartment remodeling project puts into focus the importance of working with the pros. While maintaining a healthy relationship is essential for the success of the project, there are times you have to take the lead. Not listening to the professionals can make sense in certain situations, though there are better strategies to make the project go smoother.

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Going Away? First, Take These 8 Steps to Safeguarding Your Home.

May 01, 2020

It’s impossible to be home 24/7. Between work and travel and family commitments, homeowners have pulled away more than ever. And while these experiences are, often, positive and productive, it’s important to consider the safety and security of your home—specifically, how safe your property is when you’re not home. 

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important Tips To Consider When Budgeting Your Townhouse Renovation

April 10, 2020

A recent survey asked homeowners about renovations they planned to undertake in the next five years and their expected costs. The results revealed that while they were aware that projects like bathroom and kitchen remodeling are the most expensive, they did not provide an accurate estimate as to how much they cost. The actual price of these projects, provided by HomeAdvisor, rarely aligned with their guesses.

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5 Simple Ways a Personal Concierge Can Support Senior Clients

April 01, 2020

With more and more seniors aging in place, there’s a greater demand than ever for support services that enable this growing population to live comfortably and independently. Unlike in-home nurses and home health aides who focus on a client’s medical, physical and emotional needs, personal assistants can lend a unique level of lifestyle management services, with an eye on managing the day-to-day—everything from critical household tasks to transportation, basic budgeting and more. 

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Renovating A Pied a Terre Apartment

March 13, 2020

Brownstone rowhouses are as much an icon of New York City as the Statue of Liberty. There’s a certain nostalgia-inducing appeal to these structures and sale and rent prices for brownstone properties are evidence of just how much these old buildings remain in demand. Its beauty, however, is greatly hindered by its age. The older the structure is, the more it needs some modern renovation to make sure it keeps up with the times.

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7 Ways to Help Your Assistant (and YOU) Be More Productive

March 01, 2020

A great assistant is an unparalleled asset. Not only do top-tier assistants provide unwavering support and critical services, but their central focus is you—your wants, your needs, your schedule, and your goals. Leveraged right, assistant relationships can be incredibly beneficial and can help you, your family and your business keep moving forward efficiently and productively.

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Understanding the Differences Between a Concierge and an Assistant—and Which YOU Need

February 07, 2020

While, often, people use the terms “assistant” and “concierge” interchangeability, there are critical differences between these roles—and critical differences between the professionals who fill them. Very simply, a “personal concierge” oversees key aspects of lifestyle management for their client or clients. Depending on needs and commitment, a concierge can work with a single client or, more often, with several, providing ongoing and one-off lifestyle support. 

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How to Select a trusted assistant and or concierge in NYC

February 07, 2020

Too often, people put off hiring an assistant or concierge because, simply, they don’t know where to start. Maybe they were burned by a bad hire or placement in the past, or maybe this is their first attempt at bringing someone on board. Either way, the process stalls or, worse, the wrong person gets tapped for the job—and, in both cases, headaches and hassles ensue. The solution? Focus on these five simple steps to identifying, vetting and, ultimately, hiring a committed, trustworthy and results-oriented assistant or concierge. 

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