About us

ViVODOMi is based on the power of two... 

two professionals, two friends, two partners... two minds driving their team to devise solutions to help you live a stress-free life in New York City. 


Eli has been in the concierge services business since 2007 when he began providing solutions to a group of ultra-high-net-worth individuals. His experience and connections add to his resourcefulness to serve an even greater group of people who need support.

Eli is down to earth, persistent, imaginative. He evaluates all tasks and lets you know what issues one might expect. But once he knows that a challenge can be solved, he pursues the solution that suits best and completes the task efficiently and on time. In fact, here is a secret about Eli... he loves solving problems and identifying ways to bring peace of mind to his clients.

Robert has an equally long career in design. Originally a fashion designer, he switched his practice to interior design in 2010. This allowed him to combine his two strengths, a refined aesthetic, and excellent project management skills.

Robert is an expert in construction management, property maintenance, personnel supervising an organization of any sort (and scale)... from your closet to your life... Yes, he can have an entire household packed to perfection and unpacked somewhere else as if things had always been where they should be.

The two of them together are the pillars of what makes the ViVODOMi team so successful. With Eli leading the field team and Robert overseeing the operations teams. The ViVODOMi team personify the concept of trust and reliability. With Robert and Eli at the helm the Two minds together (ii)...will always bring a warm presence into your life.


at home on your behalf™