Pied-a-Terre Management Checklist

Pied-a-Terre Management Services are tailored services on a schedule to meet your individual needs.

Your single point of contact (Personal Residence Concierge) will send you a full report via email (with relevant images attached) each visit. They will be the only individual visiting your property unless otherwise agreed. A full check list of services we provide is detailed below.

Our primary directive is to identify and remedy minor issues before they turn into major problems and expenses.

Checklist Interior ongoing checks:

  • Complete walk through (including basement/crawl space) inspecting overall interior condition
  • Check all points of entry for signs of water leaks, damage or forced/unauthorized entry, theft or vandalism.
  • Corrective actions for unusual odors and noises
  • Check security system is working correctly
  • Check for insects and pests and take appropriate actions
  • Check floors, walls and ceilings for signs of water damage or leaks
  • Check for mould growth on interior surfaces
  • Check chimneys for infestation and to ensure flue is closed
  • Plumbing check including inspection of all interior taps and faucets and sinks/tubs/vanities for leakage and operation, toilet function, drain check for backup.
  • Check and report on fuel levels for heating systems
  • Check correct operation of heating system

Winterizing  Checks (as per customer requests):

  • Turn off main water supply, depressurize lines
  • Discard all perishable food items
  • Turn off water heater at circuit breaker or wall outlet
  • Add baking soda to garbage disposal if present
  • Turn off ice maker and discard ice
  • Set/check thermostat heat
  • Close shutter blinds per your instructions
  • Open all closets and doors for air circulation
  • Check all windows and doors are locked and sealed securely
  • Check and set security system as per your instructions
  • Check smoke and carbon monoxide alarms
  • Close flue on chimney
  • Water plants as necessary (upon instruction)
  • Remove window screens as per your request

Exterior Checks:

  • General inspection of landscape for abuse, condition and appearance
  • Inspect drainage issues around house and property (drains,  gutters and leaders)
  • Bring mail/packages inside
  • Check all timer-activated lights, light sensors, bulbs and replace with customer supplied items as necessary
  • Ensure all outside taps and hose bibs are off and not leaking
  • Ensure irrigation system is in correct condition (winterize, summarize, set timer as instructed)

Storm and Power Outage Checks:

  • In keeping with your preferences, we will make additional visits after major storm and/or power outages. We will also make every effort to schedule routine visits around inclement weather forecasts.
  • Tree debris removal as required
  • Snow removal upon instruction


Liaison Services

Upon request, we will also liaise with existing contractors, coordinate deliveries and repair work or relieve you of other logistical challenges commonly faced by the  Pied-a-Terre home owner.