Personal Relocation Concierge Solution


We have been called the "black belt" of relocation services because... ahem... we are that good!

We provide you with 100 hours of relocation assistance at $7500.

Activities are not limited to and may include:

  • Coordination of home & office repairs & installations
  • Coordination with moving company
  • Coordination & management of household staff
  • Waiting for service providers
  • Donation coordination
  • Mail management
  • Household items purchasing
  • Floorplan furniture layout
  • Paint color theme
  • Installation of new furniture fixtures and more...

Additional costs may include:

  • $85/hour when hours go over one-hundred.
  • 25% design fee of all decor and furniture purchases
  • $125 per hour for after hours before 9 am, after 7 pm, weekends & holidays
  • Travel rates out of New York City/New Jersey $130/hour anytime

Collections: Solutions

Type: Transferable

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